A tool suite for top decision makers.

Let your journey to financial success begin with the Decision Maker. It’s the simplest yet most advanced software for making financial decisions. Powered by machine learning, it’ll help you on your way to maximise profitability while giving you a handle on your numbers.
With three general areas it helps you improve your decisions over time, maximising opportunities and increasing profitability.

Don’t waste time on hypotheticals.

Know exactly where you stand financially at any given time. Simulate the impacts of any financial decision. Check performance indicators and general or specific reports. Get an automated AI adviser to help you make only the most optimal decisions and reach financial success. It’s always seeking to increase your overall profitability.

The entire platform is simple and will guide you in the right direction. Essentially, it eliminates the confusion when you must decide what to do next.

A set of high quality explainer videos in case you’re stuck…

But that’s not all

If you’re still struggling with anything, we’re happy to help any time. Just give us a bell and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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How to connect Quickbooks

Turn your QuickBooks Data into Profitable Decisions

Connecting your QuickBooks to the Decision Maker is very simple, taking a matter of seconds.

Under Settings – Click – Add a company
1. Add your company details
2. You then have the option to add your logo
3. Under preferences – in Accounting System – choose US GAAP or IFRS
4. And finally, under Data Input – click on the QuickBooks logo and press continue, and then Connect to QuickBooks
5. You will be prompted to sign-in to your QuickBooks account and to accept the connection to the Decision Maker. It’s that easy!

That’s it. You are now ready to experience this powerful integration that Decision Maker offers.

Time to make better decisions.

An integrated business and financial decision making tool covering a broad spectrum of capabilities so that you’re never in the dark when it comes to making those all important choices. The tool costs only $72 per year for subscribers. No need to pay an arm and a leg or have to sit through lengthy demos only to find out that you cannot afford the tool.

Transparent and fair pricing. Quick and easy setup. Reliable and critical insights.

A platform that works around you, for you: so that you have the power to shape the destiny of your business. Decision-Maker brings you unmatched insight so that you reach your goals faster and improve profitability.


See the forest instead of the trees

With just a click of the mouse, you can access all your financial reports and analytics to know what’s going on with your company financially.


Summarises the entire financial journey, grading, and stability of the company


Detailed analysis and ROI workings for all business costs


Provides the liquidity, profitability, leverage, and efficiency ratios


Provides a simple visualisation of the financial performance of the company


Get a clear overview of the best performing products & services


Check the financial value of the company and track company evolution monthly


Provides three standard financial statements: P&L, FINANCIAL POSITION, CASH FLOW


Establishes the minimum revenue to meet the financial obligations of the company


Provides a grade for: efficiency, stability, control, growth, and profitability


Simulate real changes to understand what the best choices for you are.

Decide includes a selection of simulations so you can confidently predict the impact of financial decisions.


Financial Plan Simulation

Determines the minimum income and maximum cost to achieve the desired profit

Payback Simulation

Determines an approximate period of time to pay back a projected investment/loan

Spending Plan Simulation

Determines the optimum spending limit for each cost by simulating revenues

Break-even Simulation

Determines the break-even amount as you simulate revenues and costs

Budget Simulation

Generates a complete budget as you simulate probable and unknown costs

Profit Simulation

Determines the financial plan required to achieve a desired profit percentage

Profit & Loss Simulation

Determines the expected profit level as you simulate revenues and costs


A small cost for insights and recommendations that could change the entire trajectory of your business!

This technology analyses any company non-stop. seeking to increase its overall profitability and business value


Short-term suggestions

Automatically provides the recommended financial plan to implement for the next period to reach the optimum profit of the company

Long-term suggestions

Automatically provides the recommended adjustments to implement in the long-term to stabilize the company’s financial position


With a swiss army knife’s worth of configurations; Decision Maker will be your new best friend.

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